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An NCEA Level 2 English course which focuses on realism and the antihero.
An NCEA Level 2 English course which focuses on realism and the antihero.
February 2, 2020

Life is full of the interesting and exciting, the weird and the fantastical. Mostly though, it is full of the everyday events that people live. These everyday moments are what we come to define ourselves by, they make up our lives and often, we don’t even stop to think about what they mean. The genre of realism is thought of, by many, as dull and uneventful. Why would you want to read about the ordinary lives of others? The anti-hero that you find in realism does not, on the surface, seem mysterious and exciting. They are just another human who has flaws and struggles to overcome them. As we come to know their world and their character, we can reflect on our own societies and our own lives. Realism is the window through which we can view the ordinary but come to understand ‘more’.

This course will present you with a range of texts which reflect the real world. While these are stories of fiction, they are set in recognizable settings and depict the world as we know it, in some form. You will explore Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and consider the way he crafts an antihero in the genre of realism. Short stories and visual texts will support you to develop your understanding of this genre and its devices. You will complete tasks which invite you to find your written voice, both in an academic and creative sense. Opportunities to speak and present will lead you to deliver a speech to your peers later in the year. Alongside the debate and discussion of the texts in class, you will have the chance to complete a reading portfolio that will further enhance your understanding of the core concepts explored in class, as well as offer you time to increase your personal reading.


Level 2 Course Book- Mid Level (2)

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