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2.3 Unfamiliar Text Booklets

The unfamiliar text resource booklets are not available on the NZQA website so to help you prepare for the upcoming mock exams, here is the 2015 resource booklet, question paper and excellence exemplar.

2.4 Task 2: Being There

The resources for our second assessed piece of writing this year.

Creative Writing Activities

The tasks that our class has used to explore creative descriptions.

2.5 Speech: Let me tell you a story…

The details for our major speaking assessment of the year.


Elements of a Story

The resources from our exploration of story telling.

2.4 Writing Portfolio: Task 1

The first task for our writing portfolio assessment.


Essay Writing: SEXY Paragraphs

The notes and task for this post will appear here shortly.


Essay Writing: Introductions

The notes and task from our foray into essay writing will appear here shortly.


Analysis Tasks: The Kite Runner

The tasks students completed during their analysis of The Kite Runner will appear here shortly.

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